Thursday, March 26, 2009

Help Please!

Hey ladies... I'm back! Been trying to focus on a business project of ours, hence the long break..but yeah, it's always good to be back on here. : )

I am having trouble on which to buy for now... Maybe yal can help me out by answering 3 simple questions. Some of you may have these bags already... and if you do, let me know how they are. Your inputs are greatly appreciated. : )

1) Which SET of bags would you buy, SET 1 OR SET 2?
2) For SET 1, WHICH color/design would you pick - A, B, or C?
3) For SET 2, Which color/design would you pick - A, B, or C?

See... that was easy, yeah? ; )

You can comment back and number your answers respectively. Thankyou so much!!!: ) and Take care!




Tuesday, February 24, 2009

226 & 214 Obtained!

So, I've been hearing a lot of good things about these 2 brushes and desperately wanted them. - the MAC #214 and #226. Geeeez oh geez, I found them so difficult to look for!

I had called almost all the MAC stores and Macy-Mac counters in my area and found no luck until I came across the last one, and OMG, I thought this store would be one of the first to run out! I didn't believe the lady when I called so I made sure and asked her more than once. After confirming and putting them on hold, and though it was almost closing time, I zoomed there knowing they could run out in any second. *sigh* So yeah, that's how excited my adrenalines get. I haven't tried them yet, but will do soon.

A Hearty Weekend

Hello, ladies! I know this is overdue, but sorry, I've been sick since we came back. I am going to make this quick and try to squish everything in. Hope all of yal had a happy Valentine's day as well!

We actually spent our Valentine/long weekend in the O.C./L.A. area with the hubby's sister and her family.

I forgot to bring my camera's memory card hence, I wasn't able to take pictures. *wonk! wonk! wonk!* But, I took a few pictures with my phone.

How did we spend Valentine Weekend?

1) On Valentine's day - Saturday, we finally got to visit Volks USA in L.A. and oh my, the dolls were amazingly beautiful!!! I wanted a doll, but i was very very hesitant since everything was sooo PRICY! The hubby told me I can pick one out... but I told him I should think about it atleast overnight! I am not a compulsive buyer (like him), unless I know I really really want or need it! lol

(picture courtesy of

2) We ate at Koji's at the Block for dinner... we had shabu-shabu.. one of our favorites! We also had vegtable tempura and their Crunchy roll.

3) Mark bought me a Krispy Kreme donut... cute and sugary!

4) The following day - Sunday, we had lunch at MEDIEVAL TIMES... the show was just awesome and we got to eat lunch with our bare hands. It was an experience! I nearly lost my voice by cheering for our blue knight, who by the way LOST!!! It's okay... overall, we enjoyed!

5) After the show, guess what? We made our way back to Volks, and YES, I got a Super Dollfie doll!

6) On Monday, we headed back home despite the heavy rain, and I watched some old Filipino movies all day long. It was quite relaxing... I just love rainy days!

7) Tuesday, the hubby came home and I got extra Valentine gifts! He was supposed to give this on V-day however, there was a change in plans so he had his co-worker hold 'em until we got back. He surprised me again! Wow... he's beginning to get good at it. haha! I just loveee the balloons!

And that's basically it.... FUN TIMES!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MAC-Hello Kitty Haul

Guess what?! The MAC-HELLOKITTY COLLECTION in my area apparently came out 2 days before the launching date (Feb. 12). I accidently found out by calling my MAC store to ask about some other stuff. Sheeeeesh! I wish they would have let their customers know ahead of time, ya know? So, so ridiculus! Anywho, let me stop all the complainin' since I was able to get the stuff I wanted earlier today. : P

I think I got carried away, but why does my haul seem so little? haha. Well, gladly, I was able to stay within our over-talked budget for this thang. Now, with all this in hand, I now sit here and question myself, was this all really worth it? hahaha! I can convince myself otherwise, but what the heck, people who really know me KNOW I LOVE MAC and HELLO KITTY! In fact, I just got back from another one of our MAC stores just now and pre-ordered the high-end of the MAC-HELLO KITTY collection. I was surprised... it only has 3 things, (beauty powder ($90) and 2 lip glosses ($28/ech). I think it's a good thing that there's only a few things, though.

Ok... well, I leave you ladies with pictures. Oh, and there you'll see, Hailey - one of my dolls that come from my dolly collection. She's the Hello Kitty version... cute, eh? I thought it'd be fun for her to model with this MAC-Hello Kitty Line. : )

***If yal like, you can view more of my dolly pictures at

So yeah, if I'm not doing/buying makeup, then I'm busy with my doll photography :)

Before I go, I'd like to say thank you to the hubby for buying me this collection as my Valentine's gift. : ) Yipppeee!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missing Buttons...

On January 23, 2009 - BUTTONS, our cat was missing. Since then, he has not come home and we are very, very sad. He is actually Sherilyn's - my sister-in-law's cat, who she left here for us to take care of since pets are not allowed in her apartment.

I have ALWAYS been scared of cats, and BUTTONS (along with Ninji and Tom) are the REASONS why I have come to like CATS nowadays, BUT I still believe I'm more of a dog/puppy lover. However, out of all the cats my husband and his family has owned, I THINK BUTTONS IS THE MOST CUTEST, CLEANEST AND FRIENDLY-EST amongst them all. It took some time for me to even believe he was a MALE CAT, because he seemed tooo pretty all the time.


But yeah, I think Sherilyn and I are still in denial and believe he will pop out of nowhere sometime soon. If he's out there... we hope he is safe and pray he'll find his way home.


Thanks, Buttons... for making me feel comfortable around cats... you will always be thought of and have a special place in my heart.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day with K&R!

K = Kana
R = Raina

A good friend of ours visited us today along with her daughter. We went to the mall and shopped for clothes then just hopped from one store to another. Then we ate at a popular Mexican joint... Sergios! Raina is growing up fast and she's getting prettier! Isn't she adorable?! : )

I've said it before, I can't believe Kana is a mom now! *sigh* Life has definitely been rocken' in the fast lane. Glad to have another one of 'em GOOD TIMES. : )

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our 4th Year Anniv!

We finally hit our 4th! Woohoo! : )

Before anything else, let me recall our anniversary celebrations in the past... (no worries, just 4 years)

1st year - Disneyland/California Adventure, Stayed at the Hyatt, was one of the nicest hotels I've been in.
Gifts - I bought him a pair of Oakley Shades. He bought me everything I wanted at the Disney store.

2nd year - NO celebration... Mark was on deployment somewhere in the middle of nowhere. But I remembered him sending me a package. It was an unopened bag of COTTON BALLS... I kept thinking why on earth would he send me that?! 2nd year wedding aniv... COTTON! DUH. It took me awhile to figure that out. How pathetic could I be?! A pink work-out outfit came along with it too. I love PINK!
Gifts - He got me cotton and clothes. I sent him a package with lotsa SNACKS and candy.

3rd year - Big Bear/Snow Summit, the hubby rented out a cabin and surprised me with roses, candles, chocolates and balloons. For the first time, I was surprised on our anniversary. lol
Gifts - We got each other nothing. haha.

And so today - we celebrated our 4th year anniversary! 4 years??? I can't believe it myself. But yeah, we were suppose to go elsewhere, but that'll come along and surely if it does, it'll be a continuation for this celebration.
Gifts - He gave me a card. I gave him nothing. We are trying to save for something else (... to be continued...)

The night was young and we celebrated our special occassion at Benihana. I had fried rice and Filet Mignon and Mark had steamed rice and a different kind of steak all that came with vegtables. This was my 2nd time there, and we always like watching the chefs cook in front of us (even if they do the same thing over and over).

So yeah, I leave you with a couple of videos. : ) Thanks for visiting!

Chef Taki makes a HEART for our anniversary... it's beating!

Chef Taki cooking our steak and veggies. Smells sooooo goooood!

Friday, January 23, 2009

For Sale! Brand New ***MAC*** Traincase

Hello ladies! I am putting this MAC Traincase up for sale. It is absolutely BRANDNEW (never ever-ever been used)! I actually have 3, and honestly, I don't think I'll be needing 3 of these. So if anyone has questions or is interested in buying, email me at LGTANALA@AIM.COM. =^.^=

* will come in its original box
* insulated (keeps makeup safe at all times, even if you leave it in the back of your trunk!)
* Key for lock included
* strap included
* has 3 tiers

I can only ship within the U.S via USPS priority. (Sorry to interested int'l buyers). Since the traincase is a little heavy, I will charge a flat rate of $15.00 and that will include a tracking number. Insurance for this item is optional.

*** If you live in the South San Diego area, I don't mind meeting up for delivery depending on my availibity. This is a way to save on shipping!

Normal price is $225 + 17 (CA tax rate @ 7.75%) = $242.00
***MY PRICE - $215.00 (shipping included)
payment method: PAYPAL only. However, meet-up delivery in San Diego will be on CASH basis only (pls provide exact cash).

Thanks for looking! : )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

109 Obtained!

Lookie! Lookie! Another Christmas gift... kinda late... but better late than never, yeah? Well, a good friend of ours bought me the MAC 109 brush, which has been one of the most talked-about brushes for awhile now. And I was really going to get this one next. Luckily, she got me a brush that I don't have. Woohoo! But yes, that was very sweet of her... Thank youuuuuuu, Kana!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Time For Gifts...

I got him a 22 inch desktop. Seems he's happy and when he's happy, I'm happy. : )

and he got me these...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm finally done wrapping Christmas presents! I always find it fun to wrap gifts especially during the holiday season. I love-love the different colors of ribbons and wrapping paper... Gifts definitely bring out the spirit of Christimas time even more!

We'll be spending Christmas eve/day at home with family. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Keep warm and have fun! : )

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lyna Update

So, for those interested in the Lyna regimen the hubby was doing for almost 2 weeks now... well, I noticed his skin has gotten a little smoother. I think it's working little by little for him.

However yesterday, we noticed two red marks appeared on his face. It seemed like a scratch, but they weren't scratches. The marks appeared when he woke up yesterday morning. I asked him if he accidently scratched his face or if he bumped into something. He said no... but then again, they weren't scratches.. they were red marks. One was under his left eye and looked like a line about an inch long (but the thickness was like when you use a crayon to write a straight line... that thick! so it wasn't extra fine lining) and the other "mark" one was on the bridge of his nose. It appeared like a half moon (smaller than a dime).

But today, the red marks have faded.. they are not as red. He didn't put on the cream last night.

We were thinking... perhaps it could be the Lyna???? ... one of the Lyna effects?!

And after reading Adriyah's post on Lyna and the whole mercury thang,,,, I think I'm gonna have to discourage the hubby in using it. He'll probably be sad, but if anything has a negative affect to one's health, why risk it?

Thanks, Adriyah for sharing that with us. : )

And sorry that I cannot post pictures of what I am trying to describe. The hubby is kinda shy. But I do wonder if anyone experienced the same? Please let us know.

Have a good evening everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucky Me!

Off to the NEX on base I went late this evening to buy more Christmas gifts. Actually, I didn't buy so much as I thought I was going over our budget. I was definitely trying to keep a look out on the better deals. Unfortunately, there wasn't much left, at least I thought there wasn't. A place where they offer low prices and no tax, ofcourse thing's would just evaporate! lol Anyway's I did find some cute things to give away, but they weren't on sale. They were just too good to put back so what the heckerz, right? 'Tis the season to be GIVING!

I got in line to pay like after 2 hours of looking around. I had my SCRATCHER ready, which I always assume it's an extra 5% off of my total purchase for that day. It's been like that for nearly 3 years now, hence that explains my vivid assumption of the aforementioned scratcher. When I reached the cashier, I laid out my items for her to scan. My subtotal came out and next was time for her to scratch the scratcher.

When everytime they scratch it, I have a habit of looking away assuming it's just 5%.. %5... 5%... 5%! No big deal, 5%... but I gotta admit it 5% still helps on BIG purchases so we can't be hatin' now, can we?! Moving on, as I am looking away, I hear the cashier excitingly saying, "WOWWW! FIRST TIME!!!" And so I'm thinking it's just probably 15%, which by the way, I have gotten before once long ago. However, I turn her way and look down only to find out that the scratcher was a whopping 25%!!!!!

My heart began pounding... my adrenalines were racing. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Everyone was too excited for me and jokingly wanted to use my scratcher for their purchases. Since it is the Christmas season, I was wanting to let the people in my line use it (there were only like 4 people and they didn't have much). BUT I didn't think it was allowed and the other people might have complained so I didn't say a word.

Right after paying, I stayed a lil bit more for round 2... Actually, I was tooooo excited myself that I didn't know what to buy anymore. I mean there was just too many things that came to mind all at once that I got DIZZY... literally! All I was seeing were 25%'s popping out in front of me. Then suddenly I stopped and thought to myself, "Why the hell am I stressing on this?!"

Before they had scratched my scratcher, I overheard that this scratcher can be used this whole week! YES, THIS WHOLE WEEK! Normally, it's only good for one day. So, I stopped looking around and went home. I was sooooo tired! When I got home, I told my family about it and my mother-in-law found it hard to believe and the hubby, he was surprised!

Currently, 25% is the highest percentage-off that you can get and very rare. Geeez, I musta been really good this year... another one of 'em good blessings! : )

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

His Other "L"

So today after lunch, we went to Seafood City. Why? To get the LYNA cream that everyone's been raving about and good they had some in-stock!

Well, it's not for me. Ya see, it was the hubby that has been constantly begging me to go with him to the store and help find it.

Because he has acne, I had once mentioned about the Lyna cream perhaps 2 months ago, and never did I think he'd actually remember it. So so funny how he kept buggin' me to buy him one... his own!

However, we did see 2 kinds... One thats brown and the other - green which they said was medicated. We werent sure which to get so to play it safe, we started with what i saw the others using - the brown/pink one.

As of now, it's 12.30am and he has it on. And I must admit, someones smelling like an old granny tonight! lol

He said he doesn't mind as long as it works. He's giving it one week. We'll see how that goes. Hope it works.

On the other hand, I definitely plan on getting my own Lyna... Maybe sometime next week!

~ L.T.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the Second Time...

Thanksgiving weekend is over, and so is Mark's surgery. They finally took the screw out of his shoulder, and yes, it is now in our possession.

This time, he was case #1 so we were at the hospital by 5.30am. Honestly, I am NOT a morning person! I waited in the OR for nearly 3 hours but for the most part, I slept or atleast tried to. It's so hard to sleep on a chair for crying out loud!!!

I was sent to the PAC-U by 10am to accompany the hubby to the recovery room. He looked so much better than the first time. His doctor talked to me and said he was fine and so I definitely am thankful for that.

By noon, he was up and ready to go.. No wheel chair, no canes, no nothing. He was feeling good. We ate lunch at Panera then headed home.

Thank you to those who thought about us and took the time to pray. We really appreciate it.

~ L.T.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday Haul

We were not planning to sleep on the night of Thanksgiving, but we decided to take a nap to have some energy for our Black Friday shopping. We were set for Walmart and Bestbuy BUT we ended up at FRY'S! We just thought they had better deals.

The plan was to leave at 2am and head for Fry's. Everyone went to bed at 1am, but my stomach was aching so I wasn't able to get my full hour sleep. The next thing I knew, my alarm went off so I had to wake up and get ready. When we arrived at Fry's, the line was more than half way around the building! The first 20 people/family had tents up in front.

Anyways, the guys stayed in line until it opened (at 5am), while the girls stayed in the van and joined them 15 mins. before opening. The line going in moved along not quickly, nor slowly. It was okay. When we got in, I was surprised because it wasn't crowded at all. Fry's did a great job in coordination with people coming in and out. I seriously thought it was going to be a hustle and bustle kinda thing where it was crowded and people would just grab things and step on toes.. but nope, the shopping was fine. The only thing was the line which was hecka long, but then again, it moved pretty decently.

We were after the Sony Blu player which cost $178.00 which is almost at half price, but they were all sold out by the time we got in. However, I did get a new motorola bluetooth (from $79.00 to $40.00)since the clip of my jabra broke! Bummers, I love that headset! Anywho, I also got a cordless phone as a gift for someone (from $119.00 to $49.00).

We went to Walmart after and there was no line to get in. We were able to get some excellent DVD deals! We only got House Season 1-3 at $14.95 each (normally $40.00 each elsewhere) and the Disney DVD which always brings out the child in me cost $27.00 (normally $40). So it wasn't all bad... good, good deals! So yeah, it was definitely an experience!

Sorry, no makeup this time. I would never go shopping for makeup on Black Friday unless they're discounted at 50% or more. Apparently, our CCO didn't have good deals on makeup so I totally dissed that.

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Oh my, I can't believe the long awaited Thanksgiving day is over! The whole family cooked, decorated and laughed all day. It was such a happy feeling of joy and warmth. Came evening, Mark led the prayer (this year), then we had our Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and relatives.

Lets see... we had a 21 lb turkey which turned out perfect in taste, we also had egg-rolls, mashed potatos, breaded shrimp, honey baked ham, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, corn bread, pancit, stuffing, greenbean casserole, chocolate cheese cake and leche flan. We had apple cider instead of alcohol since we were planning to do Black Friday. hehe! I sensed everyone had a good time!

To wrap this up, I would like to say that I am always thankful for having a loving and supporting famiy and ofcourse, wonderful friends! And, I try not to forget to count my blessings too. God has blessed me with so many good opportunities and other things that I am very grateful for. : )

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

O.C. Tripo

We went out on a short trip on Nov. 19. Actually, it was a SPECIAL day... just did our thang and all of a sudden, right then and after, the hubby decided to go to OC just to have lunch. However, we stayed 'til dinner! Needles to say, the both of us are very SPONTANEOUS in situations like this. But I must admit, we always have FUN, which I think matters the most in the end.

We had lunch at KOJIS. You can find it at The Block in Orange. It's my favorite shabu-shabu restaurant! I just LOVE it and crave for it at times. I had the Angus Prime and so did the hubby!

And ofcourse after that, we visited the CCO located inside Saks Fifth. I've been there a couple of times before but their selection isn't the greatest. Although, they did have the MAC SCULPT AND SHAPE DUO that I've been searching for since months back! It took me by surprise when I saw they had 3 different shades! And yes, I did get myself one.. yipeeee!

After, we went to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Costa Mesa. If you love Japanese books and supplies, this is the place to go! Oh, and they are next to YOGURT LAND, another one of my favorites! Anyways, got me a Hello Kitty planner. I can't wait to use it! Did a little shopping at nearby stores.

For dinner, we went to a place my sister-in-law discovered. It's called, Guppee's House. Had Pineapple fried rice, popcorn chicken, pork cutlets, and gyoza. For desert, we ordered this thick toast.. yes, a big ass toast that looks like a cake! I think we got the Coconut-something flavor. SoooOooOoo GOOOOOD!!! Mark loves it!

Also, we ordered this Strawberry-Banana snow ice desert which they said was good for two people... 2 PEOPLE! But when they brought it to the table, I thought they made a mistake because the order looked more of FOR 6-8 PEOPLE!!!!! SHHHHEEEESSSHHH!! Everyone was just looking at us. But, but, but.. there was an even more bigger one. MY GOD, THIS WOULD BE FANTASTIC FOR SUMMER! Geez, I didn't realize my make-up had worn off. haha!

We had to come home that same night since Mark had work the following day. I was so knocked out. I needed it... definitely got good sleep. hehe!