Friday, December 19, 2008

Lyna Update

So, for those interested in the Lyna regimen the hubby was doing for almost 2 weeks now... well, I noticed his skin has gotten a little smoother. I think it's working little by little for him.

However yesterday, we noticed two red marks appeared on his face. It seemed like a scratch, but they weren't scratches. The marks appeared when he woke up yesterday morning. I asked him if he accidently scratched his face or if he bumped into something. He said no... but then again, they weren't scratches.. they were red marks. One was under his left eye and looked like a line about an inch long (but the thickness was like when you use a crayon to write a straight line... that thick! so it wasn't extra fine lining) and the other "mark" one was on the bridge of his nose. It appeared like a half moon (smaller than a dime).

But today, the red marks have faded.. they are not as red. He didn't put on the cream last night.

We were thinking... perhaps it could be the Lyna???? ... one of the Lyna effects?!

And after reading Adriyah's post on Lyna and the whole mercury thang,,,, I think I'm gonna have to discourage the hubby in using it. He'll probably be sad, but if anything has a negative affect to one's health, why risk it?

Thanks, Adriyah for sharing that with us. : )

And sorry that I cannot post pictures of what I am trying to describe. The hubby is kinda shy. But I do wonder if anyone experienced the same? Please let us know.

Have a good evening everyone!


Iyah said...

I'm glad you gonna stop using the lyna for the husband. Don't risk it. its scary. I heard from people I know, they got red rashes from it. Some had patches. I dunno how it looks like though. :(

Ohhh give me the address to the jap store you're talking about. The husband does not want me to buy jap magazine. he's like, "what are you gonna do with it? you cant read a single japanese word!" hahah! I was arguing and all! :P

The macbook is hard to get used to. I still find myself right clicking :(

fuzkittie said...

Wow thanks for telling us! I'm going to be more careful with this if I ever try it.

Diane said...

Just taggin back! OMG, I have this product and it doesn't work for me and after reading Adriyah's post I totally threw mine out! haha.

Anonymous said...

lyna works for me but i don't put it all over my face. i just put it on about 2 or 3 spots. i haven't had any bad side effects yet. i just started using it and will stop using it soon since my face is clearing up.