Thursday, July 31, 2008


Chris, here is the Death Note Figure... Actually there are 3 figures inside (1 girl 2 boys). I couldn't get good close up pictures because of the plastic. It's creating a lot of glare so yeah... I'm glad you like Death Note. You're making me want to watch it now too. Mark and sister says there are 2 series for the anime and 2 movies but the movie isn't good as the anime. Sherilyn says you can watch it on or Have fun watching and don't tell me what happens. : )

Saturday, July 26, 2008

An Overjoyed Accomplishment!

The Obitsus that I ordered online last week finally came in! I was so excited to start... talk about invigorating estrogen! With everything set aside, I opened the package immediately and there the bodies were, safe and sound. Everything was in order, nothing was missing. I was very determined to begin this long awaited experiment, I would say. This was my first time to ever do this and who did I start with? I seemed quite confident than the last time so I began with my Nina - who by the way does not have a name, yet. Man, she was a tough one! Her hair was glued on very well to her scalp making it difficult for me to pry apart. It took me nearly 2 hours for her new make-over. I found "sawing" the neck peg in half gave me a good work out too. Whew!

I figured I should go out and buy me some new tools so I ran to the Home Depot and grabbed me a new mini hand saw and a glue gun. I was home in a jippy! Next was Maja (Rovam). I didn't want to do her first since she is one of my pricy dolls and thought it would be horrible enough if I did mess up on her. Wow... I was done with her in 20 minutes! She was well-behaved and cooperated with me. That's why I love her! : ) Not to mention, my new tools made the process much quicker. The glue made it kind of sloppy but I managed to be careful.

I was very much satisfied with the end-results knowing in the beginning I was somewhat afraid. Thanks to the girls from Pullip Pilipinas, who encouraged me, gave me tips and overall helped me with this. It's a happy feeling of accomplishment and ofcourse, something to be proud of. As of now, I have only obitused the both of them. I have 2 more dolls in line, and if the hubby allows me, I am going to definitely buy more!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Since we are a local of San Diego, we would like to present to you COMIC-CON 2008!!! Mark and I went to the preview night this evening and upon arriving at the convention center, the lines were really-really, and I mean really LONG! Preview night is only open to exhibitors and 4-day attendees. Since we are a part of Sherilyn's staff (visit, we didn't have to wait in line. Yup, that's practically the best thing about it! We always feel somewhat special being one of the first to go shopping and exploring around before the stampede gets in. This was actually both our first time to attend preview night and boy, I already thought it was wild and crazy. I had to fight my way through just to get a wonder-woman bag!!! *laughs* Jun Planning didn't have much for me this year so I was left empty handed...yup ZERO, NADA, nothing! I was soooOoo excited on buying new dolls again. All they had was the "Another Alice in Wonderland" team," and they were selling them for cheap! Ok.. ok.. and so I have to move on to plan-B. hehe..

Anyhow, preview night was only from 6pm to 9pm. Surprisingly, we were finished by 8pm. I took better pictures this time, and despite the crowd, I had a good time! I'm still thinking if I should go back on Saturday or Sunday. They were giving out good freebies this year... I'm after those freeeeeebies!!! hehe! Sometimes, long lines for these freebies are worth the wait. : ) All I got besides some of the freebies was a Toki-doki bag... very cute!

Where's the "light" in TWILIGHT

A few months ago, I bought Stephanie Myer's books - Twilight Series, which is becoming popular not only among teens but with different age groups as well. I've talked to a couple of people who read the books and said they finished them within 2 days! That really caught my attention telling me the books should be really interesting. Because of it's popularity and high ratings, I decided to get myself a copy of each. I started reading in May2008 and perhaps, I've only read four chapters since then. Unlike the others, it did NOT feel like a page-turner for me. Since it's too late to get a refund for these books, I thought to myself why not give the books another chance.

Yesterday, I started off from where I left, think that was Chapter 5. I don't want to get into details of the story as I may spoil it for some of you who plan to read the series. So far, the story is somehow getting back on its feet, but ofcourse this is just all my opinion. I shall continue reading the book hoping it will make me eager to read on. Oh... and this year, they added another book to the series, called - Breaking Down. That is what I don't have, yet. ; )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frustrated but Determined

After joining and participating in the forums, I am being persuaded by my conscience that I should too obitsu my dolls so they can be more posable just like the other girls. They look soooo cute! At times I feel confident that I can obitsu their bodies but then after awhile, I begin to doubt myself and then I'm back at one. Gee. Some doll collectors say it's quite fun and I hope it is. I just don't want to mess up because these are not just some dolls you find at Walmart or the like. Well, I don't think I have a choice since I ordered 4 Obitsus earlier, and now that's really going to push me in making these changes. I hope the process goes smooth and make me eager in doing more obitsuing in the future.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


FINALLY!, I got an iPhone... an iPhone 3G to be precise! WoooHooo! Apple came out with this new iPhone yesterday - July 11, 2008. Thanks to Ian who has been an Apple fan since God knows when and who waited in line for nearly 3 hours or so. We both got one. *wink!* He's been wanting one since the original iPhone came out but never got the chance and me... hmmmm... I've been wanting a touch-screen phone since I started working at the V.A., but there were just never any good ones in the market. Actually, I was going to buy the original iPhone until I found out they were coming up with a faster one and so I waited ... and waited. After playing with it a bit, I would think there's not much difference from the old iPhone. What I don't like so far is the battery! With 3G and Wi-fi on, it drains so fast! So fast, I was shocked and to think that the battery is internal which means I just can't go out there and replace it! Other than that... I am still exploring this brilliant invention. : )

Though honestly, I do miss my blackberry... I must say out of all the phones I had, it was the most sophisticated-looking, had a very durable operating system of its own, and above all, great battery life! But on a high note, I know it is in very, very GOOD hands... atleast, better than my hands.

Me and my gadgets... *sigh*

The Expected

They say all motorcyclists have got into an accident or WILL get into an accident in their lifetime. Unfortunately, Mark got into his first (and I hope, last) accident this morning. Him and his friend apparently went biking up a mountain and slid in gravel. I brought him to the E.R. and the diagnosis: Acromio-Clavicular separation TYPE 3 of 6 with 6 being the worst. Unluckily, his RIGHT arm which is his DOMINANT is the one injured. According to doctors and upon viewing the x-rays, about 3 ligaments were torn causing this separation. We have talked to a couple orthopedics and his options are either surgery or therapy. I don't know the exact details of the accident since obviously I wasn't there, but Mark's condition could have been much worse. As of now, we are researching on which treatment is best for him long term. Hopefully, things will get better. About two weeks ago after coming home from a 2-month deployment, Mark's shipmate got into a motorcycle accident under the influence. Shortly after a few days, he died. He was only 19 y/o. It's very sad to just even think about it. So for all you motorcyclists out there, PLEASE BE VERY EXTRA CAREFUL AS YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

AX 2008

Anime Expo is one of the most popular and busiest conventions of the year here in the west side. It is being held at the convention center here in L.A. this year, YUP, we're in L.A. for this event. Like last year, Sherilyn had a booth and I think it looks better. Visit WWW.FUROKUCULTURE.COM for more pictures. We've been staying at Mark's sister's pad here in the O.C. since Thursday, and we'll be going home Sunday. This year was not as exciting as the previous ones. I guess it's because we know what to expect after attending the other expos. As usual, Mark bought many dolls. YES, he also collects dolls - ANIME DOLL FIGURES, that is. His collection is growing every year, and so is mine. haha. I found some dolls there (different dolls from Mark's), but they were not the ones I've been wanting so why bother? What I bought were some Re-ment figures for my dolls and a kitchen, oh and a Photo-lighting studio. We'll be going back tomorrow, and then head home.

The pictures aren't as clear. Next time, I won't forget to bring my DSLR.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth!

I have always wanted to spend 4th of July at the beach, ideally from morning to evening and have the typical BBq and just chillin' kind of thing. It's not that we never experienced that, but surely, it's been a very long time since we went. This year, we attended a yearly convention in L.A., so that's why we spent Independence day there. We had dinner at the Outback Steak House - one of Mark's favorite restaurants. I wasn't able to eat as much as I would have liked since I have been ... hmmm.. lets say... ill for the past week now. But I feel that I'm getting better. Sherilyn wanted to watch fireworks right after so we went to a nearby school where we found many people waiting. I mean, what's the 4th without fireworks?!? I gotta say, the show was kind of boring... there was NO music and the fireworks didn't last even 20 minutes like the normal! Ok... well.. we'll have to wait for next year's. : )

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back Home

It's been so long since I last blogged. Well, lets just say I was out of town for awhile. But I'm back... and so is Mark, yay! We got back last week and boy, I have been crazy coughing, and this sore throat seems to be getting worst. Hence, I am in no mood to really blog at the moment, BUT I need to distract myself and not focus on my illness as it makes it more the while, worst. Believe it or not, the mind is more powerful than the body in so many ways. With that being said, I'll try to be on here more often or as soon as I get my things together.

Hope everyone is doing okay! : )