Saturday, July 12, 2008


FINALLY!, I got an iPhone... an iPhone 3G to be precise! WoooHooo! Apple came out with this new iPhone yesterday - July 11, 2008. Thanks to Ian who has been an Apple fan since God knows when and who waited in line for nearly 3 hours or so. We both got one. *wink!* He's been wanting one since the original iPhone came out but never got the chance and me... hmmmm... I've been wanting a touch-screen phone since I started working at the V.A., but there were just never any good ones in the market. Actually, I was going to buy the original iPhone until I found out they were coming up with a faster one and so I waited ... and waited. After playing with it a bit, I would think there's not much difference from the old iPhone. What I don't like so far is the battery! With 3G and Wi-fi on, it drains so fast! So fast, I was shocked and to think that the battery is internal which means I just can't go out there and replace it! Other than that... I am still exploring this brilliant invention. : )

Though honestly, I do miss my blackberry... I must say out of all the phones I had, it was the most sophisticated-looking, had a very durable operating system of its own, and above all, great battery life! But on a high note, I know it is in very, very GOOD hands... atleast, better than my hands.

Me and my gadgets... *sigh*