Monday, August 25, 2008

My Dolly Family

These are all of my dolls up to date! : ) This time, they were well-behaved. haha.

Top row, left to right: (Pullips)
Hello Kitty - Hailey
Rida -
Sage -
Raphia - Savannah
Alte -

Second row from top, left to right: (Pullips/Taeyang)
Nina - Sumi
Rovam - Maja
Purezza - Lexie
Prunella - Aika
Veritas - Misa
Shade - Niko

Third row from top, left to right: (Taeyang/Pullips)

M.J. -
Souseiseki (Rozen Maiden Collection)Barasuishou
Shingku (Rozen Maiden Collection)
Suguintou (Rozen Maiden Collection)
Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden Collection)

Bottom row, left to right: (Dals)
Drta -
Hina Ichigo (Rozen Maiden Collection)
Kanaria (Rozen Maiden Collection)
Coral -
Sooni -

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Gee, I'm so bored today or probably just tired since I've been busy these passed days trying to take pictures of my dolls. Although I haven't uploaded the pictures onto my laptop yet, I have this feeling that I am not going to be completely satisfied. My major problem is that its been a little windy outside, which make it harder for the dolls to cooperate. Tomorrow, I shall see the results and I'm hopeful to come up with my first toy project in the upcoming week.

Suddenly, I am feeling sleepy... I shall take a power nap!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Note from the Other Side

I finally started watching it... Death Note, that is. The hubby and I has temporarily given up "Mario Kart nights" to give this popular animé series some attention. It fairly gives us something sensable to argue about. After watching 13 episodes, we think this series is interesting since it's no typical story... atleast not one that I've ever read or watched in the past.

And so far, I very much agree with L. He is definitely my favorite character -very calm and intelligent, but then again, so is Light. I guess all the good ones begin in "L!" (ahem!) Haha.

~ L.T.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Got Yogurt?

We are always constantly trying to find something to beat Yogurt Land's quality of taste or at atleast its same level of goodness here in San Diego but just never was satisfied with what they had to offer until yesterday. After our flat-tire adventure, we discovered a place called Swirly Cup! There weren't any customers inside so my assumptions suddenly became negative. But when I saw my New York Cheesecake, HOPE and joy filled my heart. I was crossing fingers that hopefully it would taste the same and indeed it did! They didn't have my Peach but they had mango that didn't taste tarty at all. My type! And the toppings? They had exactly what I needed: mochi, cheesecake, blueberries, and almonds!

WHOA, was I dreaming? Something as good as Yogurt Land five minutes away from us? You gotta be kidding?!! Hayl no! Now, I can have all the yogurt I want... yeaaahhh! : )

~ L.T.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yummy Treat

It was when I went to the mall with my brother during my recent visit to the Philippines. We were walking inside shopping around until I could smell this sugary-mocha something in the air. Well, I couldn't figure out what it was 'til I asked my brother about it. He said, "Oh, that's ROTI!" I was like what in the world was ROTI?!? He brought me to this bakery called Michell's and there it was, a bread called ROTI... it was freshly baked ROTI!
At first, I didn't bother to buy one for tasting sake since I was only curious because of the smell. Even though Richard said it tasted really good, I had cared less. Later on, maybe a week later, my mom bought a pack and I had ate one, maybe two or three. Oh Lord! This I must say is bread I could live off of! SooOooo goooood!!! It actually doesn't taste like mocha, but more of a soft sweet-buttery taste to it with a hint of something that I can't figure out. But I guess how it tastes is all that matters! Roti.... yummmmmmmy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playful Addiction

Playful Addiction

Mario Kart has always been one of my favorite Nintendo games since I was young. I'd always play it with my brother who always finished in first place, and I, in second. This year, Nintendo came out with Mario Kart Wii... and NOW, I play it with my husband who is somewhat better than me. haha. The graphics are ofcourse better, and the names are as always cute!

Come evening before bed time, the hubby and I power up for a Mario Kart Wii session playing against many different people around the world. We both find it hard using the wheel to play and so we tried using the regular controller as we've been bragging that we're off better that way. In fact, eversince we started playing with the controllers, we have come to dominate the TOP half of racers whereas before, we'd finish off as the the last two. Shameful as it was, we are sticking with controllers!

We only promise you that we will GET BETTER... we rule Mario Kart!!! See the first picture above? That only means L = Leslie and M = Mark. Have a good evening everyone! : )

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Comeback: PRISON BREAK 4

For all you PB fans out there... Mark your calendars for Season 4 beginning 9/1/08 MONDAY 8/7c... 2 hour Premiere!

"Fox has announced that it is likely that production of the show will be moving from Dallas to LA: "The producers have an exciting idea for next season's storylines, and unfortunately, it may require moving the series back to Los Angeles." for creative reasons," Unfortunately??? C'mon, that makes the cast closer to us!!! hehehe... I'm sooOoooOo excited!

Is This True?

I was searching for the schedule of Prison Break Season 4 when I saw this...

"According to this one report, Dominic Purcell was not on particularly good behavior at the Prison Break Comic Con Panel today: Prison Break Crackberry Fiend Dominic Purcell Ruins Comic Con Panel. Also, Wentworth Miller was a no-show for the event (he had been expected to appear). Not sure which behavior is worse."

I never knew about this and neither was it in the Comic-Con schedule! I am not as mad but had Wentworth Miller been there, I WOULD HAVE DIED knowing he was there and that I, 100% could have gone!!! Awwww... I could have seen Lincoln Burrows though in person. That would have been cool! : ) Oh well.