Friday, October 31, 2008


Pumpkin carving this year was a hassle for me! I had to buy our pumpkins last minute and frustrating as it was, they were NOT on sale!!! However, I managed to buy a nice BIG pumpkin at Target yesterday and began carving in the evening. Like never before, my pumpkins had so much gunk in them! Scraping the insides and carving gave me a serious workout! I think I overused my right hand that it became painful this morning. Anyways, during the course of carving, one of my tools broke! I had to work with the other one which was a little longer, but I had less control so my cat design didn't work out that I had to pick out simple layouts... one of them was similiar to what Richard did last year, but it's all good... it all worked out.

Everyone was home this Halloween, most especially Mark. Good way to start the holidays with the whole family home. I was wanting him to help me with the pumpkin carving, but no can do since his right arm is still somewhat dysfunctional. Although, he did bake some brownies! Mark and I stayed home and gave out candy. We didn't get as much kids like last year. The hubby says they've all grown up. hehe. Sherilyn, Ian and Allen went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. And whoa, I couldn't help but eat candy. By 11pm, we were all hungry so we went to Sergios and ate there... good times!

What were we? Hmmmm...

Allen - "L"
Ian - Iron Man
Sherilyn - Tina Turner (LOL!)
Me - Dark Fairy
Mark - ???

A special shoutout to Sherilyn, who did my "fairy makeup." Thank you! : )

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Lucky One

I finished reading the book this evening. After reading the first two or three chapters, I didn't think I'd liked it, but I encouraged myself to keep reading, and with every page after that, I found myself thirsty for more! So, it took me about 3 days in a week to finish it. I actually liked it better than "Dear John." Perhaps there are such things as lucky charms. Mine would be ... hmmmm... I don't know... but I do know I believe in them. What's yours?

MAC PRO and CCO Haul

Look what I got at the MAC PRO store and CCO. The hubby decided to go to OC/LA last minute and like always, we had FUN, FUN! We went early this month, but I got so busy that I forgot all about blogging. Not much stuff this time, since I've been trying to control myself knowing I've spent lots last month. Geez, NOT GOOD! Also, I am going to try to set my mind more on things that I really, really NEED. So we'll see about that. Here are my treasures:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I took this short clip this afternoon. Watch the two play! I thought it was funny.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bulgogi Night

I discovered a Korean BBQ restaurant on Yelp last month when I was looking for a place to celebrate Mark's birthday. I suggested it to Ian who asked me what would we like to do for dinner after church today. He thought it was a good idea and so did the hubby, who has been craving it since we went to LA. After quickly mentioning it was an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, they had their minds set for it and was excited to go!

The place was very, very small but people just kept on coming! We made reservations at 8pm but found out they gave our table to someone else. It wasn't too long before we were seated though so it's not like we waited hours. Like the usual, having gone to other Korean BBQ's before, we were given 2 sets of exotic appetizers. lol The kimchee seemed to be too spicy for me, but the sprouts, the cucumber, the radish, etc. was good... I liked them! I think we ordered 4 kinds of meat: short spare-ribs, pork belly, chicken, and the all time favorite, BULGOGI! Yummmmmy! We probably had 3-4 orders of Bulgogi (a kind of meaty beef bbq). That was all unlimited including the rice, soup and salad!

The owner - Sukcha was nice enough to talk to us, and gave us Korean cocktail which, OH MY GOD, tasted sooo goood! I could barely taste the alochol in it. I couldn't drink too much since I was the driver for the night, but I did have one and a half shot glass of it. Sukcha was too nice.. hehe.. I guess she wanted to make up for not having us seated at the time of our reservation. But, we had a good time! And surely, we will be back again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pretty in PINK!

I went to Sephora today and returned the Shu Uemura Eyelash curler I bought a few days ago. It's a great eyelash curler, but I think the MAC one works just as well. They both do not pinch the eyelids, and with today's crisis, I saved $5.00 more buying the MAC one.

But after returning the curler, I finally saw in-person the KABUKI BRUSH by Too-Faced. I have come to know about this from Sherilyn, who showed me it off of Sephora's website ( I thought it looked pretty... just pretty, but after reading the reviews (which earned a 5 out of 5 star rating), I encouraged myself to go check it out. It looks so much prettier and cute at the store!!! The design and the pinkness of it makes it stand out. And again, the bristles of this brush is very-very SOFT... super-soft sweep!!! I wasn't going to buy it since I already have the Mac #182 (Kabuki)... but this brush is different because it's retractable and good for carrying it in your purse! See... see, how obsessed I am with brushes?!! And to think, this is ONLY the beginning.

* You can click on the pictures to get a more up-close look.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mini MAC Haul #2

I bought a little more makeup stuff today... I know, I know, I should be spending money wisely, BUT what's a girl gotta do? As women, we have our own weaknesses, and we only live LIFE once so therefore, we need to have fun... and this is what I call MY fun, fun! Don't mind me, I'm just trying to defend my insanity. L0L Anyways, I'm trying to focus more on makeup that I will use often, so I came home with a little haul from the MAC store.

I got a better eye lash curler, a primer for my lashes since my lashes are so short and brittle, a paint pot for my eyeshadow base, and a liquid foundation. I was able to get some MAC pigments too which seem to be so popular lately. Thought I'd also give those a try. See, just the basic makeup must-haves... It's not like I am going crazy, crazy! Hmmmm... maybe just on the brushes... that I admit!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The MAC Belt

Guess what Sherilyn came home with this evening??? MY MAC PRO TOOL BELT!!!! She did me a favor by going to South Coast Mall (yesterday) to get it for me. WOOHOOo!!!! It's sooOooOo nice, that I don't want to even use it! Yeah, yeah, I know I'm so anal about my things, especially my brushes!!! But I'm so happy she got it and, I was able to save like $20.00. THANK YOU, SHERILYN!!!!

My New Read

"The Lucky One" is Nicholas Sparks' newest novel that just came out on September 30, 2008. Since I had finished "Dear John" the following day, I decided to buy his new book, but this time I got it at Borders (earlier today), which had a lower price than B&N. By the way, "Dear John" was just ok for me. From what I think, it certainly didn't beat "The Wedding" either. Seriously, they should make a movie for "The Wedding!" It should have gotten the credits rather than "Nights in Rodanthe." Anyways, I will start reading the new book soon! I hope I won't be disappointed. hehe.