Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bulgogi Night

I discovered a Korean BBQ restaurant on Yelp last month when I was looking for a place to celebrate Mark's birthday. I suggested it to Ian who asked me what would we like to do for dinner after church today. He thought it was a good idea and so did the hubby, who has been craving it since we went to LA. After quickly mentioning it was an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, they had their minds set for it and was excited to go!

The place was very, very small but people just kept on coming! We made reservations at 8pm but found out they gave our table to someone else. It wasn't too long before we were seated though so it's not like we waited hours. Like the usual, having gone to other Korean BBQ's before, we were given 2 sets of exotic appetizers. lol The kimchee seemed to be too spicy for me, but the sprouts, the cucumber, the radish, etc. was good... I liked them! I think we ordered 4 kinds of meat: short spare-ribs, pork belly, chicken, and the all time favorite, BULGOGI! Yummmmmy! We probably had 3-4 orders of Bulgogi (a kind of meaty beef bbq). That was all unlimited including the rice, soup and salad!

The owner - Sukcha was nice enough to talk to us, and gave us Korean cocktail which, OH MY GOD, tasted sooo goood! I could barely taste the alochol in it. I couldn't drink too much since I was the driver for the night, but I did have one and a half shot glass of it. Sukcha was too nice.. hehe.. I guess she wanted to make up for not having us seated at the time of our reservation. But, we had a good time! And surely, we will be back again!