Friday, October 31, 2008


Pumpkin carving this year was a hassle for me! I had to buy our pumpkins last minute and frustrating as it was, they were NOT on sale!!! However, I managed to buy a nice BIG pumpkin at Target yesterday and began carving in the evening. Like never before, my pumpkins had so much gunk in them! Scraping the insides and carving gave me a serious workout! I think I overused my right hand that it became painful this morning. Anyways, during the course of carving, one of my tools broke! I had to work with the other one which was a little longer, but I had less control so my cat design didn't work out that I had to pick out simple layouts... one of them was similiar to what Richard did last year, but it's all good... it all worked out.

Everyone was home this Halloween, most especially Mark. Good way to start the holidays with the whole family home. I was wanting him to help me with the pumpkin carving, but no can do since his right arm is still somewhat dysfunctional. Although, he did bake some brownies! Mark and I stayed home and gave out candy. We didn't get as much kids like last year. The hubby says they've all grown up. hehe. Sherilyn, Ian and Allen went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. And whoa, I couldn't help but eat candy. By 11pm, we were all hungry so we went to Sergios and ate there... good times!

What were we? Hmmmm...

Allen - "L"
Ian - Iron Man
Sherilyn - Tina Turner (LOL!)
Me - Dark Fairy
Mark - ???

A special shoutout to Sherilyn, who did my "fairy makeup." Thank you! : )