Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playful Addiction

Playful Addiction

Mario Kart has always been one of my favorite Nintendo games since I was young. I'd always play it with my brother who always finished in first place, and I, in second. This year, Nintendo came out with Mario Kart Wii... and NOW, I play it with my husband who is somewhat better than me. haha. The graphics are ofcourse better, and the names are as always cute!

Come evening before bed time, the hubby and I power up for a Mario Kart Wii session playing against many different people around the world. We both find it hard using the wheel to play and so we tried using the regular controller as we've been bragging that we're off better that way. In fact, eversince we started playing with the controllers, we have come to dominate the TOP half of racers whereas before, we'd finish off as the the last two. Shameful as it was, we are sticking with controllers!

We only promise you that we will GET BETTER... we rule Mario Kart!!! See the first picture above? That only means L = Leslie and M = Mark. Have a good evening everyone! : )