Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yummy Treat

It was when I went to the mall with my brother during my recent visit to the Philippines. We were walking inside shopping around until I could smell this sugary-mocha something in the air. Well, I couldn't figure out what it was 'til I asked my brother about it. He said, "Oh, that's ROTI!" I was like what in the world was ROTI?!? He brought me to this bakery called Michell's and there it was, a bread called ROTI... it was freshly baked ROTI!
At first, I didn't bother to buy one for tasting sake since I was only curious because of the smell. Even though Richard said it tasted really good, I had cared less. Later on, maybe a week later, my mom bought a pack and I had ate one, maybe two or three. Oh Lord! This I must say is bread I could live off of! SooOooo goooood!!! It actually doesn't taste like mocha, but more of a soft sweet-buttery taste to it with a hint of something that I can't figure out. But I guess how it tastes is all that matters! Roti.... yummmmmmmy!