Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where's the "light" in TWILIGHT

A few months ago, I bought Stephanie Myer's books - Twilight Series, which is becoming popular not only among teens but with different age groups as well. I've talked to a couple of people who read the books and said they finished them within 2 days! That really caught my attention telling me the books should be really interesting. Because of it's popularity and high ratings, I decided to get myself a copy of each. I started reading in May2008 and perhaps, I've only read four chapters since then. Unlike the others, it did NOT feel like a page-turner for me. Since it's too late to get a refund for these books, I thought to myself why not give the books another chance.

Yesterday, I started off from where I left, think that was Chapter 5. I don't want to get into details of the story as I may spoil it for some of you who plan to read the series. So far, the story is somehow getting back on its feet, but ofcourse this is just all my opinion. I shall continue reading the book hoping it will make me eager to read on. Oh... and this year, they added another book to the series, called - Breaking Down. That is what I don't have, yet. ; )