Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Since we are a local of San Diego, we would like to present to you COMIC-CON 2008!!! Mark and I went to the preview night this evening and upon arriving at the convention center, the lines were really-really, and I mean really LONG! Preview night is only open to exhibitors and 4-day attendees. Since we are a part of Sherilyn's staff (visit, we didn't have to wait in line. Yup, that's practically the best thing about it! We always feel somewhat special being one of the first to go shopping and exploring around before the stampede gets in. This was actually both our first time to attend preview night and boy, I already thought it was wild and crazy. I had to fight my way through just to get a wonder-woman bag!!! *laughs* Jun Planning didn't have much for me this year so I was left empty handed...yup ZERO, NADA, nothing! I was soooOoo excited on buying new dolls again. All they had was the "Another Alice in Wonderland" team," and they were selling them for cheap! Ok.. ok.. and so I have to move on to plan-B. hehe..

Anyhow, preview night was only from 6pm to 9pm. Surprisingly, we were finished by 8pm. I took better pictures this time, and despite the crowd, I had a good time! I'm still thinking if I should go back on Saturday or Sunday. They were giving out good freebies this year... I'm after those freeeeeebies!!! hehe! Sometimes, long lines for these freebies are worth the wait. : ) All I got besides some of the freebies was a Toki-doki bag... very cute!