Saturday, July 26, 2008

An Overjoyed Accomplishment!

The Obitsus that I ordered online last week finally came in! I was so excited to start... talk about invigorating estrogen! With everything set aside, I opened the package immediately and there the bodies were, safe and sound. Everything was in order, nothing was missing. I was very determined to begin this long awaited experiment, I would say. This was my first time to ever do this and who did I start with? I seemed quite confident than the last time so I began with my Nina - who by the way does not have a name, yet. Man, she was a tough one! Her hair was glued on very well to her scalp making it difficult for me to pry apart. It took me nearly 2 hours for her new make-over. I found "sawing" the neck peg in half gave me a good work out too. Whew!

I figured I should go out and buy me some new tools so I ran to the Home Depot and grabbed me a new mini hand saw and a glue gun. I was home in a jippy! Next was Maja (Rovam). I didn't want to do her first since she is one of my pricy dolls and thought it would be horrible enough if I did mess up on her. Wow... I was done with her in 20 minutes! She was well-behaved and cooperated with me. That's why I love her! : ) Not to mention, my new tools made the process much quicker. The glue made it kind of sloppy but I managed to be careful.

I was very much satisfied with the end-results knowing in the beginning I was somewhat afraid. Thanks to the girls from Pullip Pilipinas, who encouraged me, gave me tips and overall helped me with this. It's a happy feeling of accomplishment and ofcourse, something to be proud of. As of now, I have only obitused the both of them. I have 2 more dolls in line, and if the hubby allows me, I am going to definitely buy more!