Saturday, July 5, 2008

AX 2008

Anime Expo is one of the most popular and busiest conventions of the year here in the west side. It is being held at the convention center here in L.A. this year, YUP, we're in L.A. for this event. Like last year, Sherilyn had a booth and I think it looks better. Visit WWW.FUROKUCULTURE.COM for more pictures. We've been staying at Mark's sister's pad here in the O.C. since Thursday, and we'll be going home Sunday. This year was not as exciting as the previous ones. I guess it's because we know what to expect after attending the other expos. As usual, Mark bought many dolls. YES, he also collects dolls - ANIME DOLL FIGURES, that is. His collection is growing every year, and so is mine. haha. I found some dolls there (different dolls from Mark's), but they were not the ones I've been wanting so why bother? What I bought were some Re-ment figures for my dolls and a kitchen, oh and a Photo-lighting studio. We'll be going back tomorrow, and then head home.

The pictures aren't as clear. Next time, I won't forget to bring my DSLR.