Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucky Me!

Off to the NEX on base I went late this evening to buy more Christmas gifts. Actually, I didn't buy so much as I thought I was going over our budget. I was definitely trying to keep a look out on the better deals. Unfortunately, there wasn't much left, at least I thought there wasn't. A place where they offer low prices and no tax, ofcourse thing's would just evaporate! lol Anyway's I did find some cute things to give away, but they weren't on sale. They were just too good to put back so what the heckerz, right? 'Tis the season to be GIVING!

I got in line to pay like after 2 hours of looking around. I had my SCRATCHER ready, which I always assume it's an extra 5% off of my total purchase for that day. It's been like that for nearly 3 years now, hence that explains my vivid assumption of the aforementioned scratcher. When I reached the cashier, I laid out my items for her to scan. My subtotal came out and next was time for her to scratch the scratcher.

When everytime they scratch it, I have a habit of looking away assuming it's just 5%.. %5... 5%... 5%! No big deal, 5%... but I gotta admit it 5% still helps on BIG purchases so we can't be hatin' now, can we?! Moving on, as I am looking away, I hear the cashier excitingly saying, "WOWWW! FIRST TIME!!!" And so I'm thinking it's just probably 15%, which by the way, I have gotten before once long ago. However, I turn her way and look down only to find out that the scratcher was a whopping 25%!!!!!

My heart began pounding... my adrenalines were racing. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Everyone was too excited for me and jokingly wanted to use my scratcher for their purchases. Since it is the Christmas season, I was wanting to let the people in my line use it (there were only like 4 people and they didn't have much). BUT I didn't think it was allowed and the other people might have complained so I didn't say a word.

Right after paying, I stayed a lil bit more for round 2... Actually, I was tooooo excited myself that I didn't know what to buy anymore. I mean there was just too many things that came to mind all at once that I got DIZZY... literally! All I was seeing were 25%'s popping out in front of me. Then suddenly I stopped and thought to myself, "Why the hell am I stressing on this?!"

Before they had scratched my scratcher, I overheard that this scratcher can be used this whole week! YES, THIS WHOLE WEEK! Normally, it's only good for one day. So, I stopped looking around and went home. I was sooooo tired! When I got home, I told my family about it and my mother-in-law found it hard to believe and the hubby, he was surprised!

Currently, 25% is the highest percentage-off that you can get and very rare. Geeez, I musta been really good this year... another one of 'em good blessings! : )