Tuesday, December 9, 2008

His Other "L"

So today after lunch, we went to Seafood City. Why? To get the LYNA cream that everyone's been raving about and good they had some in-stock!

Well, it's not for me. Ya see, it was the hubby that has been constantly begging me to go with him to the store and help find it.

Because he has acne, I had once mentioned about the Lyna cream perhaps 2 months ago, and never did I think he'd actually remember it. So so funny how he kept buggin' me to buy him one... his own!

However, we did see 2 kinds... One thats brown and the other - green which they said was medicated. We werent sure which to get so to play it safe, we started with what i saw the others using - the brown/pink one.

As of now, it's 12.30am and he has it on. And I must admit, someones smelling like an old granny tonight! lol

He said he doesn't mind as long as it works. He's giving it one week. We'll see how that goes. Hope it works.

On the other hand, I definitely plan on getting my own Lyna... Maybe sometime next week!

~ L.T.


Iyah said...

oh wow!!! hahah! I would never thought of my husband using LYNa :p But wow, I can't believe he beg you for one. Cute. :)

Just remember to exfoliate before putting the LYNA on. Good exfoliator is a must because using lyna on a not exfoliated face can worsen the acne. tried and proven. I use lyna too :) and let him know to use sunblock because LYNa makes your skin very sensitive to the sun and can be prone to sunburn if sun hits face directly :)

Tina Marie Online said...

oooh I hope the LyNa works for him. I haven't broken out in a while so I stopped using it. Let's hope I didn't jinx it. haha.

Which Seafood City did you go to?

M said...

ohhh i'd love to know how the lyna cream works out for him!

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute of him to try Ly-na! I hope it works for him.. be sure to update about it on your blog. Hehehe!!!!!

Jnie said...

Keep us updated on whether it works for him. With this whole rave on the product, I'm still unsure. I have one I got from my cousin, its still sitting in the back of one of my drawers.

fuzkittie said...

Haha, that's funny.. I hope it works for him! And I can't wait to hear what you think.

Iyah said...

Please read my post regarding LYNA. its very important. :/