Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For the Second Time...

Thanksgiving weekend is over, and so is Mark's surgery. They finally took the screw out of his shoulder, and yes, it is now in our possession.

This time, he was case #1 so we were at the hospital by 5.30am. Honestly, I am NOT a morning person! I waited in the OR for nearly 3 hours but for the most part, I slept or atleast tried to. It's so hard to sleep on a chair for crying out loud!!!

I was sent to the PAC-U by 10am to accompany the hubby to the recovery room. He looked so much better than the first time. His doctor talked to me and said he was fine and so I definitely am thankful for that.

By noon, he was up and ready to go.. No wheel chair, no canes, no nothing. He was feeling good. We ate lunch at Panera then headed home.

Thank you to those who thought about us and took the time to pray. We really appreciate it.

~ L.T.


Iyah said...

omgosh! what happened? how did the screw went to his body? :( I'll pray for him *hugs*

Jen said...

eeks! hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery!

yes dear, i am a military spouse! are you too?

M said...

I hope all goes well for him going forward!