Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday Haul

We were not planning to sleep on the night of Thanksgiving, but we decided to take a nap to have some energy for our Black Friday shopping. We were set for Walmart and Bestbuy BUT we ended up at FRY'S! We just thought they had better deals.

The plan was to leave at 2am and head for Fry's. Everyone went to bed at 1am, but my stomach was aching so I wasn't able to get my full hour sleep. The next thing I knew, my alarm went off so I had to wake up and get ready. When we arrived at Fry's, the line was more than half way around the building! The first 20 people/family had tents up in front.

Anyways, the guys stayed in line until it opened (at 5am), while the girls stayed in the van and joined them 15 mins. before opening. The line going in moved along not quickly, nor slowly. It was okay. When we got in, I was surprised because it wasn't crowded at all. Fry's did a great job in coordination with people coming in and out. I seriously thought it was going to be a hustle and bustle kinda thing where it was crowded and people would just grab things and step on toes.. but nope, the shopping was fine. The only thing was the line which was hecka long, but then again, it moved pretty decently.

We were after the Sony Blu player which cost $178.00 which is almost at half price, but they were all sold out by the time we got in. However, I did get a new motorola bluetooth (from $79.00 to $40.00)since the clip of my jabra broke! Bummers, I love that headset! Anywho, I also got a cordless phone as a gift for someone (from $119.00 to $49.00).

We went to Walmart after and there was no line to get in. We were able to get some excellent DVD deals! We only got House Season 1-3 at $14.95 each (normally $40.00 each elsewhere) and the Disney DVD which always brings out the child in me cost $27.00 (normally $40). So it wasn't all bad... good, good deals! So yeah, it was definitely an experience!

Sorry, no makeup this time. I would never go shopping for makeup on Black Friday unless they're discounted at 50% or more. Apparently, our CCO didn't have good deals on makeup so I totally dissed that.


Iyah said...

Mee too, no make up because I did not find any good deals at our cco also. They have the NEO SCI FI line but did not bother to get it since I have some of their make up already :) Great deals you got! :D