Thursday, March 26, 2009

Help Please!

Hey ladies... I'm back! Been trying to focus on a business project of ours, hence the long break..but yeah, it's always good to be back on here. : )

I am having trouble on which to buy for now... Maybe yal can help me out by answering 3 simple questions. Some of you may have these bags already... and if you do, let me know how they are. Your inputs are greatly appreciated. : )

1) Which SET of bags would you buy, SET 1 OR SET 2?
2) For SET 1, WHICH color/design would you pick - A, B, or C?
3) For SET 2, Which color/design would you pick - A, B, or C?

See... that was easy, yeah? ; )

You can comment back and number your answers respectively. Thankyou so much!!!: ) and Take care!





fuzkittie said...

Set 1, C!!!!

Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu said...

I like Set 1, C also... Second choice would be Set 1, A

Citrine said...

1C for me as well...

Iyah said...

SET 1: C!!
SET 2: B!! :)

Weng Forsgren said...

mine ?
set 1 C

set 2: B or C :)

LT said...

interesting how yal like the damier canvas (dark brown) design... in the beginning, i was rooting for the Monogram Canvas (the A's). But we'll see... thanks for answering, by the way. : )

Cindy said...

Set 1A

Anonymous said...

See you left out one more very important thing to help you in your decision making which makes a world of difference. For the Neverfuls (Set 1 bags A & B), do you want a PM, MM, or GM?

I have the Monogram Neverful GM (Set 1, bag A). It is an awesome bag to have, best investment ever! Yes, I said investment because LV prices go up 1-2 times a!

Things to help in your decision,
Set 1
A - Love the GM. Use it for work, overnight bag, errands, etc.
B - Personal opinion, but I believe this bag is more of a seasonal bag. But nonetheless a great bag
C - Love the PM and MM seasonless bag. Great for weekends. Awesome everyday bag

Set 2
A - Classic that every women should have. Goes with everything and is seasonless
B - Nice summer/spring bag
C - Great bag, like A it goes with everything and is seasonless.

LT said...

thanks, rjjoshephs for the info. I am set for the MM. I just didn't mention it, but I am aware they do come in different sizes so MM it is.

But I haven't made up my mind yet. Thanks again for the feedback. Awesome! : )

Eunice said...

well.. I have set 2, but different motive, this one:

for now I have been eye-ing the first set, C.

GirlAboutTown said...

1) i would buy set 1 since i loveee totes...
2) For SET 1 i'd choose A
3) For SET 2 i'd choose B

Cerise said...

Set 1, bag C.

sindylicious said...

Set1, C

gorgeous red interior and the material of the damier MM is stronger than the monogram. It's a great everyday purse. I personaly don't like the speedy cause it's not convenient to findyour stuff even though it's very spacious.

My 2nd choice would be set1,A

Valz said...

Set 1, A
or Set2, 3

Kellie said...

A or C in both sets