Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Hearty Weekend

Hello, ladies! I know this is overdue, but sorry, I've been sick since we came back. I am going to make this quick and try to squish everything in. Hope all of yal had a happy Valentine's day as well!

We actually spent our Valentine/long weekend in the O.C./L.A. area with the hubby's sister and her family.

I forgot to bring my camera's memory card hence, I wasn't able to take pictures. *wonk! wonk! wonk!* But, I took a few pictures with my phone.

How did we spend Valentine Weekend?

1) On Valentine's day - Saturday, we finally got to visit Volks USA in L.A. and oh my, the dolls were amazingly beautiful!!! I wanted a doll, but i was very very hesitant since everything was sooo PRICY! The hubby told me I can pick one out... but I told him I should think about it atleast overnight! I am not a compulsive buyer (like him), unless I know I really really want or need it! lol

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2) We ate at Koji's at the Block for dinner... we had shabu-shabu.. one of our favorites! We also had vegtable tempura and their Crunchy roll.

3) Mark bought me a Krispy Kreme donut... cute and sugary!

4) The following day - Sunday, we had lunch at MEDIEVAL TIMES... the show was just awesome and we got to eat lunch with our bare hands. It was an experience! I nearly lost my voice by cheering for our blue knight, who by the way LOST!!! It's okay... overall, we enjoyed!

5) After the show, guess what? We made our way back to Volks, and YES, I got a Super Dollfie doll!

6) On Monday, we headed back home despite the heavy rain, and I watched some old Filipino movies all day long. It was quite relaxing... I just love rainy days!

7) Tuesday, the hubby came home and I got extra Valentine gifts! He was supposed to give this on V-day however, there was a change in plans so he had his co-worker hold 'em until we got back. He surprised me again! Wow... he's beginning to get good at it. haha! I just loveee the balloons!

And that's basically it.... FUN TIMES!


fuzkittie said...

Aww how nice!! :] Very hearty indeed~ I love rainy days too!! :]

Iyah said...

Lovely Valentines Day you had :) Awww.. so cute that you like dolls :) I'm still jealous on your HK haul! hahah! You got some accessories. I wasnt able to :(

Iyah said...

Are you getting the Kouture as well? I'm getting both dazzleglasses but I'm skipping the mystery powder. Too expensive for me :( But if I can have it, why not! Haha! :p