Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MAC-Hello Kitty Haul

Guess what?! The MAC-HELLOKITTY COLLECTION in my area apparently came out 2 days before the launching date (Feb. 12). I accidently found out by calling my MAC store to ask about some other stuff. Sheeeeesh! I wish they would have let their customers know ahead of time, ya know? So, so ridiculus! Anywho, let me stop all the complainin' since I was able to get the stuff I wanted earlier today. : P

I think I got carried away, but why does my haul seem so little? haha. Well, gladly, I was able to stay within our over-talked budget for this thang. Now, with all this in hand, I now sit here and question myself, was this all really worth it? hahaha! I can convince myself otherwise, but what the heck, people who really know me KNOW I LOVE MAC and HELLO KITTY! In fact, I just got back from another one of our MAC stores just now and pre-ordered the high-end of the MAC-HELLO KITTY collection. I was surprised... it only has 3 things, (beauty powder ($90) and 2 lip glosses ($28/ech). I think it's a good thing that there's only a few things, though.

Ok... well, I leave you ladies with pictures. Oh, and there you'll see, Hailey - one of my dolls that come from my dolly collection. She's the Hello Kitty version... cute, eh? I thought it'd be fun for her to model with this MAC-Hello Kitty Line. : )

***If yal like, you can view more of my dolly pictures at

So yeah, if I'm not doing/buying makeup, then I'm busy with my doll photography :)

Before I go, I'd like to say thank you to the hubby for buying me this collection as my Valentine's gift. : ) Yipppeee!


fuzkittie said...

Haha, you got... everything!!! xD Awesome

Iyah said...

OMGosh! You got everything!!! I so envyyy you! WOW!! I thought I got a lot already!!! Hahaha!

Must not look at the pics no more coz the more I look, the more I wanna go back to MAC store and get some more.. you are bad!! hahah! JK!

Aren't we lucky to have hubbies who pays for our stuff? lol!

Anyway, are you getting the whole Kotoure line?

Katrina said...

haha i did got everything! i'm so jealous! i'm still waiting for the launch here. or i might have my aunt buy me HK from cali. i'm gettin tired of waiting for this collection to launch over here.

the doll with the hello kitty hat looks very pretty!!! :)

Kimberly Tia said...


this by far is the best haul in photograph i have seen on blogger!!! and your pullip doll is gorgeous!!!

im sooo envious!!!

FuN and MakeUp said...

awww thanks for the comment! =) u went all out wit ur MAC HK! it looks like u bought almost the whole collection! u decorated it nice tooo heheh

christy kimchee. said...

omggg i'm so jealous. i want all of the hello kitty stuff T___T & that doll is super cute :)

Digital Angel said...

Wow Wow, everything seriously !! Thanks for visiting my blog :D
You got great hauls from Hello Kitty collection. Drools :D

Kimberly Tia said...

Deal... you share your adorable dolly with me -- and I'll share my goodies (tee hee)

Iyah said...

You want to buy more? You got the whole collection already. Heehee :p

Yes I will buy the 2 dazzleglasses but not the mystery powder :p

Yes my nails are real :) I used to use acrylic french nails but got tired of them so I decided to take care of them and grow them :)