Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missing Buttons...

On January 23, 2009 - BUTTONS, our cat was missing. Since then, he has not come home and we are very, very sad. He is actually Sherilyn's - my sister-in-law's cat, who she left here for us to take care of since pets are not allowed in her apartment.

I have ALWAYS been scared of cats, and BUTTONS (along with Ninji and Tom) are the REASONS why I have come to like CATS nowadays, BUT I still believe I'm more of a dog/puppy lover. However, out of all the cats my husband and his family has owned, I THINK BUTTONS IS THE MOST CUTEST, CLEANEST AND FRIENDLY-EST amongst them all. It took some time for me to even believe he was a MALE CAT, because he seemed tooo pretty all the time.


But yeah, I think Sherilyn and I are still in denial and believe he will pop out of nowhere sometime soon. If he's out there... we hope he is safe and pray he'll find his way home.


Thanks, Buttons... for making me feel comfortable around cats... you will always be thought of and have a special place in my heart.


Jnie said...

He's adorable! So sorry to hear that, I hope you find him soon.

Yas said...

Aww...that almost made me cry. I hope you find that precious kitty hun. Sending you hugs & prayers that you find him.

Tina Marie Online said...

Aww I sure he'll turn up somewhere. He's probably just out & about exploring the neighborhood. I'm sure he'll be home safe.

Iyah said...

Oh no, I hope you find your cat :(

I actually have a list of what I want for the HK Collection but when I got there and got to swatch it, I changed my mind on some items.

Iyah said...

Aw! Thanks girl for the lovely comment :D