Tuesday, November 25, 2008

O.C. Tripo

We went out on a short trip on Nov. 19. Actually, it was a SPECIAL day... just did our thang and all of a sudden, right then and after, the hubby decided to go to OC just to have lunch. However, we stayed 'til dinner! Needles to say, the both of us are very SPONTANEOUS in situations like this. But I must admit, we always have FUN, which I think matters the most in the end.

We had lunch at KOJIS. You can find it at The Block in Orange. It's my favorite shabu-shabu restaurant! I just LOVE it and crave for it at times. I had the Angus Prime and so did the hubby!

And ofcourse after that, we visited the CCO located inside Saks Fifth. I've been there a couple of times before but their selection isn't the greatest. Although, they did have the MAC SCULPT AND SHAPE DUO that I've been searching for since months back! It took me by surprise when I saw they had 3 different shades! And yes, I did get myself one.. yipeeee!

After, we went to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Costa Mesa. If you love Japanese books and supplies, this is the place to go! Oh, and they are next to YOGURT LAND, another one of my favorites! Anyways, got me a Hello Kitty planner. I can't wait to use it! Did a little shopping at nearby stores.

For dinner, we went to a place my sister-in-law discovered. It's called, Guppee's House. Had Pineapple fried rice, popcorn chicken, pork cutlets, and gyoza. For desert, we ordered this thick toast.. yes, a big ass toast that looks like a cake! I think we got the Coconut-something flavor. SoooOooOoo GOOOOOD!!! Mark loves it!

Also, we ordered this Strawberry-Banana snow ice desert which they said was good for two people... 2 PEOPLE! But when they brought it to the table, I thought they made a mistake because the order looked more of FOR 6-8 PEOPLE!!!!! SHHHHEEEESSSHHH!! Everyone was just looking at us. But, but, but.. there was an even more bigger one. MY GOD, THIS WOULD BE FANTASTIC FOR SUMMER! Geez, I didn't realize my make-up had worn off. haha!

We had to come home that same night since Mark had work the following day. I was so knocked out. I needed it... definitely got good sleep. hehe!


KayeL said...

omg i didn't know it was toast. at 1st look i thought it was tiramisu. =P the desserts look yummy!!!

Jnie said...

oh my...that desserts looks delicious.