Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mini MAC Haul # 1

Sherilyn and I visited a MAC store today. I'm so blessed I have a MAC store that's 5minutes away from me... 5 MINUTES AWAY!!! But Sherilyn is even more blessed since she has a MAC PRO store that's 5 minutes away from where she lives. LOL Can't beat that!!! Many people are confused... YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MAC PRO MEMBER TO PURCHASE MAC PRO PRODUCTS. From what I've learned, any person can buy Mac PRO products of either two ways: you can order/purchase at a MAC PRO store or through MAC PRO's 1-800 number (check out for more info). However, a non-mac-pro member cannot order from the Mac PRO website. That I guess, is the only downfall, other than not having the MAC pro discount.

So what did I get??? My intentions were to buy their make-up brushes. I AM LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH MAKE-UP BRUSHES RIGHT NOW!! I've own a couple of their other brushes for 3 years now and they're still in good shape! I was going to buy some comparable brushes at cheaper prices but what the heck, I love MAC and the quality is fantastic! So, my intentions were to go buy just brushes and out I came with just brushes, oh and I almost forgot, a roll-on bag for the brushes.

Lets see... I got the MAC Brush #s 187, 213, 190, 182, 224. The Kabuki brush has really soft bristles! I think it's made of raccoon hair or some other natural fiber. I forgot. But yeah, that's what I got today! = )