Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mark's Birthday Bash

SEPTEMBER 28, 2008 - Mark's birthday! But the night before, the parents took all of us out to a buffet dinner at Barona's Casino. Their PRIME RIB was sooo good! We also enjoyed their strawberry and chocolate crepes.

On Sunday, his actual birthday, we went to church and afterwards, we surprised Mark with a brunch buffet celebration over at Humphrey's by the Bay. I know... another buffet!!! Anyways, he didn't know what to expect at first since we left the GPS system to guide him to our destination. Seemed more like a game but really, we had him guessing all the way there.

Their food was pretty descent. We loved their prime rib, Maple-Brown Sugar baked ham, pasta, omelets, sausage, potatoes, apple-wood smoked bacon and OMG... their BELGIUM WAFFLES... how I miss those! I think the last time I had them were at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. I just realized it's been more than a decade ago! Their desserts were delicious too! And we got free-flowing champagne. You can check out their website at to see everything else they had for their Sunday brunch since I believe their menu stays the same for awhile. It's kind of pricy but great for occassions! A toast to good times!
Thanks to Ian, Sherilyn and Allen for coming with us!