Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini Makeup Haul

It is true when Sherilyn mentioned in her blog that we have gone MAKEUP CRAZY over the course of hmmmm... 3 weeks now. We have visited MAC's and SEPHORA's left and right, and we NEVER get tired of it! Call it a cliche, but yeah, girls just wanna have fun... WOMEN NEED TONS OF MAKEUP! : ) So today, I went to re-visit MAC (yes, again!), and I got me a couple more things... like MORE BRUSHES!!! I'm slowly trying to build my collection. I got MAC brushes #150 and #134.They are both face-powdered brushes. OMG!!! Not that I'm over exaggerating, but the 134 is so freaken soft, which I think is more softer than the Mac Kabuki brush (#182)! I consider this one a MUST-HAVE on my list and a favorite!

The #150 is also used for the face... this brush is a little firmer and doesn't grab a whole lot of powder, which is good for ordinary days. Geez, I'm sounding like one of them YouTube MakeUp Gurus. hehe. In addition, I also got a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish NATURAL Powder in Medium Plus. I didn't want to get another Studio Fix since I've been using it for the passed 3 years, and needless to say, IT IS VERY HEAVY ON THE FACE! My face is very dry and the MAC rep suggested the mineralized powder, which by the way is baked. It's pretty light (not heavy) on the face... so far, so good.

Mark and I also went to Sephora at Otay this morning. I got two of Kat Von D. eyeshadow palettes. It comes with colors I think are pretty, and they are very pigmented, which I like!