Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book Worm

And so I'm back... Yes, I am and where have I been?!? Well, I've been slowly trying to figure out things for myself and for the people I love. But other things have come in the way, and so I sit here contemplating on just the small stuff waiting for the last minute to deal with the important things that matters most. I usually tend NOT to slack, but heck, it's getting to me... seriously , it is.

Want to know something? I'm not even done reading Twilight, but I saw the preview of its movie at Borders. Yup-yup... I saw Edward!!! ^__^ Now, I really have to finish reading the book!

But on the other hand, I found the book that I've been wanting to read -Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. It's just that I never bought it since I already have like 5 books lined up, but since it cost less than half its price, I decided to buy it. My principle on books has always been, finish what you're reading and move on to the next. So, after reading Twilight... I'll have to put the other series on hold and read Dear John. I'm really excited because I love Nicholas Sparks! His choice of words usually gives a vivid picture of what I'm reading, an excellent author, I must say.

By the way, another one of his novels - Nights in Rodante is coming soon to theaters near you! I've read the book a few years back... And by far, this is the novel I like least. Haha.

There's so much more to say, but I need to read some Twilight before it's too late. I'll have to continue this some other time. Good day!

~ L.T.