Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Manic Monday!

I was out today doing errands and after the important things, I stopped by at the mall and tried to continue doing my early Christmas shopping. I discovered most of my coupons expired yesterday!!! Had I known about the cut off dates, I would have gone yesterday, even if it meant last minute! I even saw good gift ideas that I could have bought today. *sigh* On my way home, my car was hit. An old woman backed up hitting my front. She was trying to make way for a fire engine and ambulance... But she was only 2 feet away from my car and was far from blocking the intersection so that definitely was not an excuse! She admitted she was at fault. Luckily, there is no damage on the outside. However, I'm not sure about the inside so with that being said, I got her info just in case. I kinda felt sad and just wanted to disregarded the incident but the hubby, who by the way was with me insisted I get all her info. She was cooperative at first, but started raising her voice at me in the end because she got inpatient when I was asking her for her insurance and license info. I got upset and lost my respect for her at an instant. I won't go into details as I know it'll make me sound rude on my part, but no one can just put you down like that... And I mean NO ONE especially if it's not your fault, and I don't care if she's old or what not. Anyways, I thanked her and left. That's how my Monday went... Obviously not a great day!