Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Back and so is She!

Seems like i haven't been here in so long! Well, Labor day weekend is finally over. We did a few fun things, but didn't go to the beach like how I was wanting to go. Summer days are almost over, and I still haven't gone to the beach this year! I know I don't really like sunny days, but it's been so hot! Today, September begins so it should be getting cooler.
Went to the mall yesterday... Played with make-up at Sephora's and had fish tacos at Rubios. I was going to buy my Bvlgari sunglasses, but thought I could spend the money on something more useful and worthwhile. Hence, I bought a GPS system for my car. I am bad with directions so this would work for me instead rather than a pair of shades that I am bound to lose sooner or later.
To top the long weekend off, I didn't forget to watch Prison Break 4!!! It premiered this evening, and I shall continue to watch it weekly! To our surprise, "she's" back... Just like how i imagined! Oh Michael Scofield, my Michael Scofield!