Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brushes from Costco

My mother-in-law and I did some shopping last Sunday despite the cold and gloomy weather. First stop was at Costco... YAYYYY!!! Yup-yup, I got the brushes, and this is actually the FIRST time I purchased a set of their Borghese Professional Brushes. I only opened it yesterday. So much for excitement, yeah?! But, wierd cuz I do have this habit of buying things I really really like, but the moment I get home, I just leave them in a corner then open them days or even weeks later. haha! I know, a very odd behaviour there.

This year's set comes in white handles and a rhimestone on each of them. For me, I don't like the kabuki brush with the attached bottle of white shimmer powder. However, the kabuki may be removed though under it will be a sifter, which is where the powder goes through. As long as it's detachable, then it'll work fo rme.

Well, upon opening the set of brushes, the first I touched was the kabuki brush with shimmer powder and ofcourse the rest followed. Whoa, whoa, whoa! The bristles are amazingly soft and I mean AMAZINGLY SOFT! Well, for the price you are paying... YES, VERY SOFT! I wish they were a bit more dense, but other than that, I CAN'T COMPLAIN for 10 brushes and a pouch that costs $21.99. Sheesh... that's the cost of ONE small MAC brush. Though I do collect MAC brushes just because I am somewhat a MAC addict.

I don't know if the bristles of the Costco brushes are natural or synthetic... but the bristles on the kabuki sure does seem natural. I can't stop running my fingers throughit because of its softness. Hopefully they get softer after I clean them.

My final conclusion: It is definitely worth buying SO GO GET YOURSELF A SET before they run out!


jeSmakeup said...

i wish i had a costco card... 22$ is good! wut kinda brushes does it come with...

Jnie said...

hi, just bloghopping.. aren't the brushes amazing..

Diane said...

wow, def need to get my hands on these.