Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Crave

So lately, I've been craving for this entree that I always used to order when we'd go to a friend's house for lunch during college school days. I began to crave for it after chatting with a cousin, who happened to be eating something similar to "it." Oh, and by the way, the name of this entree is pork pinya. Oooooh... Yummy!

Actually, I tried cooking it, I believe that was last month. And how did it go? Well... my brother Richard tasted it and just smiled and nodded saying it was good. But ofcourse, he was just trying to be nice. Later on that day, he started to criticize my cooking, and as for the truth, it wasn't so bad! I just felt something was left out. I couldn't figure it out in an instant, so I tried to search the recipe on the internet.

Unfortunately, the net left me empty handed, then that's when I started asking family and friends. They did NOT know what in the world I was talking about. But someone had to know, and out of the blue, indeed someone knew... I had thought of Angela - a good friend and classmate, who was always with me when ordering.

Anyhow, she was kind enough to teach me to cook it the RIGHT way. Yesterday, I took another shot at it, and this time it tasted a whole lot better! It tasted like PORK PINYA!!! Yippeeee! Thanks to Angela! ^_-